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Forklift maintenance of the regulator of the inspection

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Forklift maintenance of the regulator of the inspection

 Regulator (voltage regulator) silicon rectifier generator silicon rectifier element with a one-way conductive properties, it can be omitted cut-off device. At the same time silicon rectifier generator has a certain reactance to limit the maximum output current, inductive reactance and generator speed is proportional to when the generator speed increases, while the load current increases to a certain value, the generator output current with the speed The change is very limited, and this is the armature inductance has played a role in automatically adjust the current, it also played a role in the throttle, it can cancel the restrictor. But the silicon rectifier generator terminal voltage changes with the speed, so the forklift must be maintained before the regulator to adjust the voltage to maintain a constant.


      1, voltage regulator core and contact arm gap adjustment. Can be adjusted by the voltage regulator active contact and fixed contact arm with the adjustment. The gap is generally 1.2 to 1.3 mm, when the voltage is too small, can increase its gap, otherwise reduce the gap. The spring tension on the voltage regulator can also be adjusted by bending the spring hook up and down to vary the spring tension.


      2, the contact clearance adjustment. The pressure between the contacts is adjusted by moving the fixed contact arms up and down. Contact should be kept clean and flat, ablation should be fine sandpaper grinding. In the forklift maintenance adjustment contact clearance, should pay attention to the voltage regulator fixed contact and movable contact arm under the fan contacts, because it will burn sticky, causing the generator power voltage is too high, and burned electrical Mechanical parts. When the voltage is too high, should move down the fixed contact arm at this time the contact gap 0. 3 ~ 0.5 mm; when the voltage is too low, should increase the fixed contact arm. Resistance burnout or open circuit, the application of resistance with the resistance of the replacement.

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