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Reason Analysis of Forklift Parts Engine

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Reason Analysis of Forklift Parts Engine

Forklift accessories engine failure reason

1. Low-pressure oil supply, lack of fuel tank ventilation holes, tubing blockage, broken joints loose and gasket sealing lax. Solution: identify the fault on the oil line to clear, replace;

2. Air filter blockage and poor air intake, treatment, replacement or cleaning filter device;

3. Diesel filter blockage, treatment: replacement;

4 oil pump lack of oil, treatment methods: repair or replacement;

5. Fuel system in the air or water, treatment methods: to exclude air or water;

6. Injection time too early or too late, treatment methods: adjustment;

7. Exhaust pipe or silencer blockage and poor exhaust, treatment: clean;

8. Fuel injection pump fuel shortage, treatment methods: school pump;

9. Injector bad atomization, processing methods: to find out where the cylinder failure to replace or repair the injector;

10. Engine temperature is too high, deal with cooling system to identify and remove the fault;

11. improper adjustment of the throttle cable, adjustment;

12. Mechanical factors cause the cylinder pressure is too low. Mechanical factors include: valve valve closed lax and piston, piston rings, cylinder liner wear serious, adjust the valve clearance, re-research valve or replace the piston, piston ring and lining, grinding cylinder liners, etc.;

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