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Safe driving technique of internal combustion forklift

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Safe driving technique of internal combustion forklift

Internal combustion forklift as a forklift equipment, due to large size, slightly bulky appearance and the traditional settings so it is a test of the driver's driving skills. To operate safely on internal combustion forklifts, we must:

1, prior to the process: in each car before the forklift to check the steering rod is solid, check the pedal and clutch is good, the brake system is running properly, check the car's oil, fuel and water is sufficient to check the battery drain Liquid, check the external speakers, light bulbs are able to normal use, etc., to confirm whether the cargo is stable, only careful examination can make the risk to a minimum.

2, the start process: start the internal combustion forklift, the first observation around to confirm that no obstruction around before the first whistle, then start, after the first start with a slow file, wait until the forklift and then leave the clutch smoothly shift stalls.

3, the driving process: in the process of driving, internal combustion forklift encountered a need to turn, you must first turn the steering wheel to start steering; encountered before and after the shift situation, the forklift must be completely stopped before the next step can be carried out ; In the face of the downhill situation, non-braking and taxiing and so on.

4, the parking process: best not to stop the internal combustion forklift on the slope, the brakes until the car completely stopped, stop after the brake equipment, for neutral, Note: the best engine before the halt of rapid operation 2 to 3 minutes, Help to protect the engine.

5, the operating process: the process of loading and unloading of goods, the prohibition of fork and overload, the bottom of the fork must be kept from 300 to 400mm between the ground, not to mention the goods too high, too high will block the driver's attention . During the operation, it is best to slow the whole process of smooth, to avoid danger.

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