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The role of forklift pump, structure and working principle:

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The role of forklift pump, structure and working principle:

1, the role of petrol pump: the gasoline is sucked from the tank, and pressure to the carburetor of the float chamber.

2, petrol pump structure: mechanical drive diaphragm, installed in the engine crankcase side, by the camshaft camshaft eccentric drive. The pump body is divided into upper body and lower body, and the upper body is provided with an oil inlet valve and a oil outlet valve which are die-casted by zinc alloy, and the gasket is sealed with the upper body. Coated with oil resistant rubber cloth diaphragm, with the screw clamped between the upper body and lower body, the formation of the upper pump chamber. Diaphragm and nut with nuts locked in the top of the rod, and by the role of diaphragm spring up arch, spring seat below the oil seal can be anti-rupture of gasoline under the leak. One end of the inner rocker arm is inserted into the square hole of the tie rod and the other side is contacted with the outer rocker arm and slanting on the rocker arm shaft, and one end of the shaft is provided with a hand rocker for manual pump oil.

3, the working principle: When the engine is running, when the convex eccentric outer rocker arm to promote the swing, that is driven within the rocker and the diaphragm down through the rod, so the oil chamber volume increases, the oil pressure, the oil The valve is closed, the inlet valve is sucked open, gasoline from the inlet pipe into the pump room. When the eccentricity of the eccentric to leave the outer rocker arm, the outer arm in the return spring under the action of the back, the rocker arm from the outer drive, the diaphragm under the action of the spring up the arch, so the pump chamber volume reduction Small, oil pressure, close the oil valve, push out the oil valve, so that the oil through the tubing input carburetor. When no oil supply, because the float chamber needle valve, the oil chamber resistance will exceed the diaphragm spring elasticity, so that the diaphragm down to the lowest position, the pump oil will be completely stopped. Before starting the engine, if found in the floating room without oil or too little oil, you can pull the hand crank pump oil. When the float chamber filled with gasoline, the hand arm will be formed empty, stop the pump oil.

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