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A breakdown of the parts of a van

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A breakdown of the parts of a van

Many parts of the van, Xiao Bian on this one not described, some of the big parts, key components to share with you, I hope to help you!


Now the electric forklift is generally used in lead-acid battery; battery internal chemical reaction is generally active cycle, the general plastic shell can only start the battery with 1-2 years, iron shells up the Battery group can generally charge and discharge with 700 times, the normal words can be almost 3 years.


The material of the wheels of the forklift truck is generally polyurethane, nylon, rubber; which because of wear-resistant polyurethane, soft and was the most widely used. Nylon wheel because of light weight, hardness, generally applicable to manual stacker or semi-electric high stacker.


A lot of bearings are installed inside the wheel, the wheels for a lot of bearings do not knock down, so it will follow the scrapped. In addition, because the bearings are always wear parts, so basically do not belong to the warranty. However, the general good bearing with a three-five years will not be a problem, the import of bearings can be used more than ten years.

Oil seal

Seal is generally acting on the hydraulic cylinder of the piston rod, play a role in sealing. With the piston rod friction for a long time, oil seal worn out is only a matter of time, so the oil seal is generally not warranty.

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