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How to use the forklift clutch

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How to use the forklift clutch

Do not start, brake, or steer abruptly to prevent the truck from falling over; do not run over baffles or obstructions scattered on the road surface. Do not drive the truck on the road. ; Do not enter the soft ground; in damp, slippery, uneven or tilted road driving, please reduce the speed; to ensure that the mast and the roof and the entrance with a certain gap.

  Do not drive the forklift when the fork is raised to prevent the truck from falling over.

  Do not rely on the roadside: Make sure the forklift is at a safe distance from the roadside or platform edge to prevent the forklift from falling.

  Forklift maintenance: Do not modify the forklift, follow the guidelines for daily maintenance and regular maintenance; when the forklift is damaged or faulty, stop the operation forklift repair; forklift is thoroughly overhauled before the forklift can not operate; check the electrical system, close the key switch and Pull out the battery plug. When adding fuel, the driver should not in the car, and the engine flameout, check the battery or tank level, do not fire.

  To avoid anxious departure, emergency start, sharp turn and suddenly the direction of conversion, to prohibit a sudden acceleration. The truck should always be operated according to the surroundings.

  Do not use the hydraulic control handle at full load or at no load. If the handle is at high position, sudden manipulation of the handle may cause the truck to fall or the forklift to overturn. Down the shelf.

  When the mast is tilted forward, the shelves shall not be allowed to rise. When hoisting the goods or starting the forklift, the mast shall be tilted backward to stabilize the goods. In the fork cargo state, the mast can not move forward; Do not load or unload cargo while in a tilted position.

  If you do not fall to the ground, there is the risk of tripping and harming the body; the direction of the handle on the neutral position; pull on the parking brake handle; turn off the key switch; the fork off the forklift; And remove the key.

  Parking in designated areas: parking must be strong enough; to stop without hindering traffic safety; not to park near fire hydrants and places that affect fire exits; to prohibit parking in or near flammable areas; The car parked on the slope.

  Charging: to prevent the charging equipment damp, charging room ventilation conditions better to distribute the odor generated in the battery; forklift battery charging, to do the charging tag; when the battery charging, positive and negative can not be reversed; prohibit excessive discharge, do not forklift Can not be used to stop moving, when the battery capacity alarm indicator flashes continuously, the battery will need to charge up. When traveling on a ramp,

  The upper and lower slopes of the empty car - if the empty car in the slope to exercise, need to go back uphill, the fork moving downhill. So that the center of gravity will fall on the front wheel. On the downhill avoid steering. Ramp up and down when loading - If the load is carried on a slope, the fork is required to move uphill forward and backhill downhill. So that the center of gravity will fall on the front wheel, under any circumstances are not allowed to turn on the slope; not allowed to do long-distance cargo movement (height greater than 500 mm).

  After stopping the goods suspended in the air, after unloading cargo fork should be the first to the normal driving position and then driving.

  When handling goods that affect sight or slippery goods, reverse the vehicle at low speed.

  Try to avoid stopping on the slope, if unavoidable, should take other reliable objects plug the wheel tighten the handbrake and turn off. Parking should be reduced to the lowest fork position, tighten the rear brake, cut off the circuit, and can not be parked in the longitudinal slope of the road is greater than 5%

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