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After the Spring Festival the use of forklifts when we need to do

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After the Spring Festival, the use of forklifts when we need to do?

Every year the Spring Festival is a major festival, including the end of the year, the New Year, in more than 20 days time, people will put aside all their work, only to focus on family and friends together to spend this A special holiday, relative to the daily inspection and maintenance of the forklift is also temporarily put down, therefore, for the Spring Festival, back to the work of the people, in the use of forklifts, you must check on the forklift:

1, check the status of the forklift door: Determine the mast deformation or desoldering phenomenon, to determine whether the forklift door sliding device is flexible, the gap does not exceed 1.5mm, rolling device does not crack, breakage.

2, check the status of forklift chain: to determine the two chains are all firmly connected to the end of the crane, and the two chains of the compact degree of consistency, each of the pitch does not exceed the original length of 4% . The hoist chain runs flexibly without a stagnation while the crane is running.

3, check the fork of the state: to determine the fork surface normal and the overall normal, will not crack or deformation of the phenomenon. Specific requirements to ensure that the fork is not greater than the root angle of 93 °, left and right fork to maintain the same balance line, if the deviation is best not to exceed the original length of 3% of its reliable positioning, positioning and positioning hook No defects and so on.

4, check the status of forklift fuel tank. Make sure that the connecting part of the fuel tank is connected firmly, and the sealing property is good. There is no crack on the tank surface, no oil leakage and no freezing of the oil. Make sure the oil quantity in the fuel tank reaches the standard.

5, check the status of the top frame: to determine the top of the firmness and stability, no parts out of the phenomenon.

After waiting for the above-mentioned check all qualified, the driver can start the forklift to carry out the next work.

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