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Characteristics Comparison of Several Common Forklifts

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Characteristics Comparison of Several Common Forklifts

In the process of industrial transport, the role of forklift should not be overlooked. It is reported that its main purpose is handling, short-distance transport of goods, not only improve the cargo handling capacity, but also to help enterprises reduce labor costs. With the accelerated industrial development process, increasing demand for forklifts, forklift business functions of the company also made new demands. In this context, the emergence of various functions of the forklift market, great to meet the needs of enterprises. Here are some common forklifts, to see their own characteristics.

First, the internal combustion forklift, which is the most common and most common forklift, it wants to normal operation, must rely on diesel, natural gas, etc. to generate power, because this forklift fuel supplement is very convenient, if it is a long period of transport of goods , Then choose it appropriate, but it! In addition, the internal combustion forklift is the maximum load capacity of eight tons, there is no special requirements for cargo handling sites, the scope is very wide.

Second, the electric forklift, literally meaning we can easily see that the power of this forklift from the battery, its load with the internal combustion forklift is almost the same, but the cargo transport environment is high, it is usually only used in food, pharmaceutical industry Wait. From an environmental point of view, the electric forklift environmental performance is better than the first, so more and more companies tend to choose it.

Third, storage forklifts, in the logistics industry, warehousing and other industries, this forklift is quite high frequency of use, because it is specifically designed for the transport of goods warehouse. Combined with its high flexibility, excellent environmental performance, so won the consumer favorite.

Forklift use of different, need to consider the performance of the purchase is not the same. In addition, the forklift purchase cost is higher, in order to save costs, it is recommended that enterprises in the use of the process, to know how to properly maintain forklifts.

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