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Daily maintenance tips for electric stacker trucks

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Daily maintenance tips for electric stacker trucks

Electric stacker forklift - Warehouse logistics goods collating commonly used equipment,Linde Forklift Parts due to the logistics industry developed, corresponding to the need to organize the number of goods is also on the increase in the use of electric stacker forklift frequency is greatly increased, its use Life is gradually reduced, so in order to prevent unnecessary life consumption, daily maintenance and maintenance, forklift users must always pay attention.

Electric stacker forklift routine maintenance:

1, check the electric stacker external equipment is normal, such as thermostat, transmission, brakes, generators, fans, wheels, display and other equipment.

2, check the fuel tank filter is broken or blocked, if found damaged for replacement, if found plugging is clean filter, and so completely dry before use.

3, check the battery electrolyte level position is in line with the standard value, once lower than the standard value, then immediately replace the battery electrolyte (distilled water), filling standards are: buoy with the battery: red buoy float and white line; No buoy battery: the electrolyte is higher than the protective sheet 15 ~ 20mm is the best. Note that when filling the electrolyte to wear the appropriate goggles and rubber shoes, rubber gloves, after filling the corresponding cover tightly cover, wipe with a damp cloth, and always keep the battery surface dry and clean. This check is made once a week.

4, check the DC motor brush, commutator is worn, once found to be replaced, the inspection time is 3 months.

5, check gear box gear oil is used up. Check the gear box once a week. Once the gear oil is exhausted, it will be replenished. If the gear box is running normally, GL-5 gear oil should be used every 6 months.

6, check whether the run out of hydraulic oil. Check the gear box once a week. Once the gear oil has been used up, the L-HM32 hydraulic oil is usually used in hot weather and the L-HV32 hydraulic oil is used in cold weather. The replacement frequency is every 6 months.

7, check the daily charging site. In the electric forklift battery charging the best choice when the ventilation is good, there is no flammable items around, with adequate fire extinguishing equipment in the venue, every time to check the location of the existence of unstable factors exist, such as smoking, timely elimination, to ensure safety , Check the wires, sockets, plugs are sensitive, is detrimental, if problems are found, immediately replace before charging.

8, when cleaning the electrical part of the pallet truck,Linde Forklift Speaker Button remember not to use clean water, but the use of compressed air means to blow away the dust and dirt on the appliance, to avoid the risk of static electricity, short circuit.

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