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Winter is coming what should we pay attention to using forklift

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Winter is coming, what should we pay attention to using forklift?

Unwittingly, the winter has come, due to large cold wave struck, Linde Forklift Parts  this winter is the coldest winter in recent years, many cities in China suffered a zero degree Celsius cold intrusion, the majority of coastal cities this year, there are rare Frost, sleet, etc., which not only affects people's lives, but also greatly affected the majority of people are using forklifts: continuous cooling not only reduces the use of forklift efficiency, what is more, making the forklift fine Accessories suffered difficult to repair the damage, which have to say it is a headache.

In order to present or will be a headache forklift operators to solve a heart trouble, I specially summarized some of the winter use of forklift precautions for people to reference, so that people can advance prevention.

1, the daily inspection of the oil situation: Every time you open the forklift truck should be checked for oil, the "oil" includes not only oil, including gear oil, lubricants, hydraulic transmission oil, check the forklift oil is Freezing, transmission catheter is good, whether the oil output to reach a specific location, whether the role of good and so on. Note: As the forklift oil, oil viscosity in the winter will become larger, fluidity worse you, so pay special attention, it is best to change the viscosity of the small oil products in advance to avoid forklift startup difficulties, and lubrication for the same situation Oil, people can start at each time, turn the handle crankshaft 20 to 30 laps, so that the oil can be fully dispersed to the surface of the parts.

2, pay attention to anti-freeze and preheating measures. Antifreezing measures can prevent parts from being damaged due to sudden cold, so when the weather is cold, inject the antifreeze into the forklift truck, or start the forklift after charging 80 ℃ hot water daily, stop the forklift and drain the cold water. And other measures can best protect the forklift performance is no longer damaged.

3, to do routine maintenance work. Although the preventive measures can be avoided to some extent due to the sudden cold weather situation of the two forklift, condensation, damage, but to be honest, the most important thing is that people for the daily maintenance of forklifts.Linde Seal Parts There is a saying that maintenance is not too much, pay a little more careful, forklift accessories is the performance and service life will be more long-term, for your forklift, please take good care of Oh!

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