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Forklift Guadang shock failure how to exclude

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Forklift Guadang shock failure how to exclude

When a forklift is used, there is a strong shock noise. As the car is equipped with hydraulic shift fixed shaft transmission and the reverse gear and the forward block when the impact phenomenon.Linde Mechanical Parts Therefore, we first suspect that the main reducer or differential caused by Songkuang.

Eliminate the impact of forklift gear failure (a)

Remove the main reducer drive shaft, hand rotation of its input shaft, found nearly 30 ° free rotation gap, then determine the main reducer meshing gap is too large.

Eliminate the impact of forklift Guadang failure (b)

Remove the main reducer, measured meshing gap is 0.65mm (standard value is 0.30-0.50mm). Adjust the position of the bevel gear so that the meshing gap with the drive bevel gear is 0.35mm. Re-assembly after the test machine, linked to the gear when there is still Guadang impact of the phenomenon and issued abnormal sound, only slightly less than the original level, but the fault remains.

Eliminate the impact of forklift Guadang failure (c)

Once again remove the transmission shaft, the transmission is in no-load state, start the engine, repeat the hanging block, back block, lift block test and found that Guadang moment abnormal noise still exists, and the transmission has more obvious vibration; check the transmission Support fixed bolts, no looseness. According to this phenomenon to determine, fault should be within the transmission. Remove the transmission disassembly, cleaning, testing, found the reverse gear and forward the block clutch main and driven shaft tapered roller bearings loose; by changing the gasket to adjust the bearing to the appropriate gap, and reassemble a good test machine, hanging Block impact and abnormal sound phenomenon has been weakened, but the fault phenomenon is still there.

After such a detailed examination has not been able to find the root cause of the failure so whether the type of forklift design or manufacturing defects? Then, got the same type of factory production forklift,Linde Engine Parts carried out Guadang, retreating and lifting Block the road test, the results were found there is a slight Guadang impact of the phenomenon, but the severity of different.

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