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Forklift parts and parts cleaning

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Forklift parts and parts cleaning

In the forklift disintegration, broken into parts, must be cleaned to carry out inspection, classification and forklift maintenance. After the disintegration of the parts should be degreasing, cleaning Qian and drying. Can be strong steam or hot water for cleaning.


        A: metal forklift parts cleaning

        1, cold wash method. With kerosene, then quickly, clean diesel or petrol after washing with compressed air drying. , This cleaning method requires simple equipment, simple operation.

        2, hot wash method. Wash with alkali solution, the solution heated to 70 to 90 ℃, the parts baptized 10-15 minutes after the removal, rinse with alkaline solution, then dry with compressed air. In order to prevent corrosion of aluminum alloy parts, can not be used with a lot of caustic soda solution solution.

        2: cleaning parts. Non-metallic forklift parts, such as cleaning system seals, the application of alcohol, rubber parts cleaning, such as brake cups, turpentine or brake fluid cleaning. Do not use kerosene, rubber ring, hydraulic system of gasoline or alkaline solution to prevent inflation deterioration. Clutch friction plate and brake friction plate can not be used alkaline solution boiled wash, apply a little gasoline scrub clean. Cortex parts (such as oil seals of the apron, etc.) can be wiped with a dry cloth.

        Third, the removal of forklift parts on the carbon deposition is incomplete combustion of oil and lubricants and high temperature oxidation, decomposition, polymerization formed by a black solid oxygen, hydrogen, carbon compounds. It is in the case of high temperature and pressure gradually formed, and firmly attached to the internal combustion engine piston, cylinder liner, cylinder head and other parts on the surface, the texture is extremely hard. In the repair must be cleared of carbon deposition, or in order to ensure the normal operation of forklifts, but also must be regularly removed on the mechanical coke.


        1, with a scraper, blade (or bamboo), metal brush and other scraping. This method of manual removal of carbon deposition efficiency is low, and difficult to remove clean, if inadvertently will damage parts.

        2, the chemical method to remove carbon deposition. CLEANING THE COKE SOLUTION FORM OF INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINE PARTS. If there is no heating equipment, can be 80 to 90 ℃ hot water in proportion to the preparation. Then part of the carbon deposition in the solution soak 2 to 3h, to be coke loose softening, lift fork parts in the solution if the lift a little shake, most of the coke can automatically fall off, the remaining small carbon residue with a brush, cloth Wipe to clean. Then rinse with water, dry with compressed air or dry.

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