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How to use stacking forklift to heap goods quickly and beautiful

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How to use stacking forklift to heap goods quickly and beautiful

Stacker trucks are one of the essential tools for efficient work in warehousing operations. The work of the palletizing forklift is to place the goods in the warehouse in a reasonable manner, so as to maximize the use of the space of the warehouse cargo shelves to place more goods. Linde stacker forklift truck industry is eagerly, in the storage, you can achieve the expected targets, its design is consistent with three-dimensional engineering and body mechanics forklift design and left, right, forward three The direction of the free operation of the operating functions, not only in a more narrow storage channel flexibility in the work but also can effectively use the characteristics of the stacker forklift makes the same size of the warehouse area to store more goods, more flexible operation, run more stable.

Generally speaking, the stacking forklift in the process of stacking, always first as far as possible forklift fork will be close to the cargo frame orthogonal, from top to bottom of the slow access to the bottom of the cargo frame, and then slowly exit , In this process is a test of the driver's driving skills, requiring the driver can not damage the forklift performance based on the goods placed in the cargo rack. But as a full-time high-end forklift parts production company, we stacking forklift stacking work has some time-saving and small tips can let people know:

Tips 1: stacking, in accordance with the center of the tray or the right and left side of the cargo frame for the alignment of the standard, which side which side to see comfort, up and down just before and after alignment, so that each shelf are neat and beautiful.

Tips 2: In the integrated warehouse, the length of different cargo planes are different, so the stacking of these goods in accordance with the "big on the small, under the light on the" principle, the appropriate large-scale, weight Large cargo is placed at the bottom of the cargo rack, stabilizing the cargo rack and allowing more cargo to be placed on the same level of cargo shelves.

Tip 3: In each stacking process, pay attention to fork truck fork on the bottom of the goods can be safely inserted into the tray of the cargo frame and leave some space for easy movement at any time.

Tip 4: determine the fragility of the goods in the stacking paper, plastic products and other items, you can load and unload the goods to a safe place, and then together with the stack up, placed in a cargo layer, and Stacking of fragile products is best in accordance with the size and size of the packaging area of one to one, more than one treatment, the maximum use of stacking forklift stacking capacity.

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