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Forklift simulator to enhance driving level

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Forklift simulator to enhance driving level

The Chicago Logistics Show, organized by the US Material Handling Industry Association (MHI), which just concluded in March of this year, aroused the interest of many in the industry by its virtual forklift simulator, which has a compact structure, moderate price and complete Customizable training solution functions.

Forklift Simulator is an innovative company that has announced that the official launch of the new Virtual Forklift Training System will revolutionize the Forklift training environment not only for operators to reduce costs but also to increase production safety and productivity . The biggest highlight of the virtual simulator is to provide the driver with the seat and the control lever and 360-degree visual field, so that the driver constantly proficient in their skills to improve their driving confidence and increase the safety factor. The simulator allows the driver to be in a safe and safe environment without risk and maintain a pleasant mood to get more driving experience.

Simulators are also very profitable for the business, including: increasing productivity, avoiding the risk of damage to production equipment, reducing forklift maintenance frequency and reducing forklift skills training costs.

Forklift simulator settings

It includes different machine and hardware controls to create a virtual learning environment that can be tailored to the driver. This virtual environment can also be completely customized, so the operator only need to set the actual work environment can be.

"We were the first company to create a forklift virtual training technology in 2011, when we developed our first Toyota simulator, and now we're rolling out our own," said Andy van den Bullock, Forklift Simulator. The brand and philosophy, which means that we can focus on innovation.This simulator will have a significant impact on the productivity of the site and a substantial increase in cost efficiency and security.

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