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Forklift tires in Europe prices

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Forklift tires in Europe prices

Italian tire maker Marangoni Tire Industry announced at the end of last month from May 15 the price of industrial vehicle tires will grow 8% year on year.

"So far, we've managed to reduce the negative impact of the dollar on the euro," Lorenzo Stringari explains. "It kept costs down, avoiding the extra cost to our customers," he continued. We also hope that the exchange rate can be restored to the previous level, in the current situation will not be able to maintain the profits of our products, the current appreciation of the dollar against the euro led to our marginal profit decline.

From June 1, Swedish manufacturer Trelleborg Tire Systems will increase its European agricultural and forestry tires by 7 to 10 percent. In a statement, Trelleborg said, "prices have been driven by macroeconomic pressures in manufacturing footprints outside the European region, including tire agriculture, forestry and light agricultural applications.

The company also cited the strength of the dollar led to other raw materials under significant economic costs of the example.

"The price movement in the specialty tire market is a result of global and regional factors, including rising raw material prices, competition, demand and production costs," said Ute Weiss, spokesman for the Business Business Tire Business Unit of the German Continental Group. "

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