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How to check and maintain the forklift fuel tank

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How to check and maintain the forklift fuel tank

The fuel tank is the power of forklift storage equipment, good maintenance that is inevitable, the following Xiaobian from five aspects to analyze, how should we do:

Removal of the fuel tank cleaning

Forklift gasoline tank to be cleaned after removal, to remove oil traces of oil inside the tank.

Inspection of tank surface

Inspect the fuel tank for cracks, cavities, or rust. If such phenomena must be welded. When welding, must comply with safe operating procedures, in the welding, the need to completely remove the gasoline tank of gasoline vapor.

Filling port and filter detection

Filling port: There should be cracks in the oil filling port and so on, the oil port of the filter should be replaced damaged.

Gasoline filter: its role in the purification of gasoline, gasoline by the use of its internal sedimentation sludge fouling, rust and debris, easy to filter clogging, resulting in oil is not smooth.

Timely replacement of fuel tanks

Box wall if raised and sunken, should be informed of maintenance, such as the damage should be given a serious replacement.

How do you find your forklift fuel tank has any of the above problems, they need to be dealt with in a timely manner, not laissez-faire!

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