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Linde forklift for tires to pay attention to what

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Forklift for tires are often encountered things, maintenance, replacement, etc. will often occur, then we do when the replacement should pay attention to what? Xiaobian to come and we chat under this topic:

First: The forklift parked on a flat, hard solid road, turn off the engine, so that the forklift is in no-load condition.

Second: the fork down to the ground, with the parking brake to stop the wheel, such as the replacement of steering tires, the jack support in the rear axle rear bracket, such as the replacement of driving tires, the jack support in the frame front side position,

Then: slightly jack up the forklift, the tire is still in contact with the ground; first unscrew the bolt fixed inflatable tube, remove the clip, and then release the hub nut.

Once again: with the jack fully support the car, unscrew the wheel nut, the tire removed. Used forklifts, forklift rental,

Finally: The installation sequence is the reverse of the disassembly sequence. When mounting the hub nut, the tightening torque must meet the specified value.

In accordance with the above 5 steps, I believe we will be very good to replace forklift tires! Of course, no operational experience, then, Xiaobian still recommend to find a professional understanding to replace!

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