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Sensor growth over 15 of the domestic market into the future of the main battlefield

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Sensor growth over 15% of the domestic market into the future of the main battlefield

As a modern electronic devices widely used in a class of electronic components, the sensor annual growth rate of more than 15%, is expected to five years after the output value will reach 120 billion yuan. In 2013, the world's equipment and systems related companies want to establish the use of 1 trillion sensors per year of the community "Trillion Sensors Universe". China's sensor market has continued to grow in recent years, the growth rate of more than 15%.


China's industrial modernization process and the electronic information industry to more than 20% of the speed of continuous high-speed growth, driven by the rapid rise in the sensor market. In recent years, the sensor in medical, environmental protection, weather and other special electronic equipment in the rapid growth of the sensor used by the market share of about 15%. The industry's large demand for sensors for the local sensor industry provides a good opportunity for development.

The next five years, the domestic sensor market average sales growth rate will reach 31%. Local sensor demand for rapid growth in the size of the main driving force from the industrial electronic equipment and automotive electronics, communications electronics, consumer electronics and special electronic equipment. Industrial electronics and automotive electronics are among the fastest growing industries in the electronic information industry and are the most widely used in sensor applications such as measuring process variables, electronic and physical quantities, and traditional motion / positioning.

China's sensors despite the market demand is high, the rapid development, but there are low level of technology, lack of species, research and development capacity is poor and so on. China currently has 1688 enterprises engaged in the development, production and application of sensors, but engaged in MEMS development and production of only 50, and the size and application are small. Did not form a sufficient scale of application, leading to the existence of low-tech sensors but the high price of the problem in the international market will lose the advantage, but also makes the market more competitive.

Sensors and Smart Grids

Now, in the field of smart grid can already find the sensor figure, and, smart grid is expected to become the largest user of the sensor.

Intelligent sensor is a sensor with information processing functions, with a microprocessor, with the acquisition, processing, exchange of information, is integrated sensor and microprocessor products. Smart grid and many intelligent systems, not individual, but a large number of equipment and technology products. Most of the costs of building smart grids are being spent on terminal power distribution systems and terminal information systems on smart grids in power facilities, and a significant portion of network security hardware and software will be invested in sensor networks to directly drive the sensor market. At the same time, in order to meet the needs of the construction of smart grid, the sensor is also to the intelligent, systematic, network, digital direction.

The Chinese market will become the main battlefield

China's sensor market has continued to grow in recent years, the growth rate of more than 15%. 2012, China's four major areas of sensor applications for industrial control, automotive electronics, communications electronics and consumer electronics, industrial and automotive electronics products accounted for about 42% of market share.

According to China's "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" of "China's electronic components," "five-second" period will invest 500 billion yuan, mainly in the new electronic components R & D and industrialization. Including sensors based on MEMS technology, gas sensors for environmental monitoring equipment, flow sensors, humidity sensors and so on. In addition, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in February 2012 release of "Internet of Things" second Five-Year "plan", the key project content also mentioned the development of micro and intelligent sensors, wireless sensor networks. The next 5 years will be steady and rapid development of China's sensor market for 5 years, sustained more than 30% of the annual growth momentum, the 2014 sensor market in China is expected to reach 120 billion yuan.

China as the main battlefield in the international battlefield, the Asia-Pacific region's development center, to a certain extent, also reflects who can successfully seize the Chinese market, which means to successfully beachhead to the sensor market, the sensor market will The biggest piece of cake.

China's future sensor industry will follow the following three directions:

First, to industrial control, automotive, communications, environmental protection as the focus of service areas, sensors, flexible components, optical components, dedicated circuit as the focus of the object, the development of independent intellectual property rights of original technology and products.

Second, to increase the variety, improve quality and economic efficiency as the main objective, accelerate the industrialization of domestic varieties of the sensor to reach 70% share of 80%, high-end products of more than 60%.

Third, based on MEMS technology, based on integrated, intelligent and network technology as the basis, to strengthen the manufacturing process and the development of new sensors and instrumentation components, leading products to reach and close to the advanced level of similar foreign products.

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